viagra for women Social media giant Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) is set to launch a learning tool as part of actions it is taking to defy fake stories. cialis order According to the leader of social media world, an ad will appear for three days at the top of users’ news feeds with information on “how to spot fake news” and report it.

This movement, which will be propped up in 14 countries, is “designed to help people become more discerning readers”, the company said. But experts are not confident about any valid impact of this step.

One of the Expert said, Until Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) discontinue offering the makers of fake news with vast traffic, this dilemma won’t finish.

According to reports, Friday onwards, users who get on the Facebook’s ad will be redirected to its help centre, where they will see a list of 10 tips for spotting bogus stories.

These tips comprise looking closely at an article’s URL, examining the source of a story and thinking more seriously about whether an article is a joke.

It also recommends being “sceptical of headlines”, as false news stories “often have catchy headlines in all caps with exclamation points”.

MENLO PARK, CA-based Facebook’s new guide is a useful primer on the basic principles of good journalism. If all the millions who will see it popping up in their feeds read and digest it, maybe it will have an effect.

In the recent times Facebook (FB) has been quite under pressure to battle fake news on its platform following claims it was used to influence voters during the US presidential campaign. The company has since step up in order to enhance its monitoring and reporting processes.